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Temcoppad - G R C

After launching several companies manufacturing different products, Speed House Group established “TEMCOPPAD” a state of the art facility specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) & GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum).
Today, TEMCOPPAD is one of the leading suppliers of GRC in the region and employs over 800 skilled & unskilled labours along with a professional and dedicated Management and Engineering team guiding them through the way.

  • GRC Cornices

    External and internal cornice’s are a very simple and effective way to enhance the design and visual looks of a building. Architectural cornice serves a number of aesthetic functions. It also provides a better finish to the building.

    GRC Screens

    GRC Screens are lightweight and easy to handle resulting in reduced erection and transportation costs. These Reduced loads lead to substantial reduction in the overall structural and foundation costs.

    GRC Panel

    GRC is pre-fabricated and hence these panels can be manufactured in the factory while the foundation and structure is being built at site. Being flexible, it also allows designers and architects freedom to enhance the visual aesthetics of the building.

    GRC Ballusters

    GRC Baluster are available in various designs and styles, They are also appreciated for their high strength, durability, fade resistance and smooth surface finish and high level of safety.

    GRC Brackets

    These brackets are manufactured with the help of quality approved material. The offered brackets are used to install in various buildings.

    GRC Brackets
    Decorative Mouldings

    We manufactures and installs GRC & GRG Decorative Mouldings, working closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop the most cost-effective approach without altering the design intent.

  • grc pattern
  • Glass bre Reinforced Cement (GRC)

    Glass bre Reinforced Cement ( GRC ) is a composite material consisting of a mortar of hydraulic cement and ne aggregate reinforced with alkali resistant glassfibre. The GRC may contain additional filler materials, pozzolanic materials and admixtures. The fibre contents are typically 3% to 5% by weight defending on product application and production method employed. The properties of GRC depend on a wide range of variables. These include the method of manufacturing, mix formulation, bre product type, length and orientation, add mixtures used etc. A GRC material may therefore be tailored to meet the particular requirements of a specific application. GRC Materials have a aggregate-cement ratio of up to 1:1, incorporating glass bre and made by spray and premix processes. These materials have been widely used for many years and their properties and characteristic have been studied extensively.

    GRC Advantages

    1. Lightweight, reduces transport and installation costs
    2. Excellent Edge and Corner Strength
    3. Improved Surface Details and Quality of Finish
    4. Easy to mould into complex shapes.
    5. Maintenance Free: GRC is an inert material, unaffected by salt, freeze/thaw cycles, or corrosive atmosphere. Unlike concrete, as it has no steel components, it is not weakened or cracked by steel corrosion and can live without mainte- nance for many years.
    6. Ideal for Restoration Works: All the above characteris- tics point to GRC as the ideal material for restoration of old buildings, facades and decorative features, as GRC can replicate exactly, or improve upon, any original feature.
    7. Environment friendly: GRC neither uses nor emits any volatile material, and is a low energy product, therefore contributes to a safe and clean environment.

  • Speed House Group GRC ISO 9001 Certificate
    Speed House Group GRC ISO 18001 Certificate
    Speed House Group GRC ISO 14001 Certificate
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