GRP-Glass Reinforced Plastic

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    Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Industrial Chemical Co. - G.R.P

Being part of the Speed House Group, our journey since inception in 1987 has been a very exciting one. Although the start was to supply our sister companies with minor GRP products to their prefab housing units, today I.C.C products have become a market leader in mass storage solutions for different types of liquids. Whether it’s sewerage, water or oil, we custom design and produce a solution for our clients. We have also established strategic alliances with companies in Korea, South Africa, France and Greece to ensure using the latest in technology & raw materials. In addition to water tanks I.C.C has expanded its offerings to several new products ranging from car shed, claddings, domes and solid surface products.

  • GRP Decorative Elements
    Decorative Elements

    We manufactures and installs GRP decorative elements, working closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop the most cost-effective approach without altering the design intent.

    GRP Cornice

    A cornice is a projecting moulding along the top of a building. Our GRP cornice adds distinctive style to any property, it is also predominantly featured on more substantial buildings.

    GRP Screens

    GRP Screens are lightweight and easy handle resulting in reduced erection and transportation costs. These Reduced loads lead to substantial reduction in the overall structural and foundation costs.

    GRP Panels
    SMC Pannels

    SMC pannel are highly durable and can withstand heavy impact, weather, loads and Excellent UV resistance characteristics and performance, Option of Pre-insulated panels to avoid freezing.

    GRP Cladding
    GRP Cladding

    GRP Cladding solves the issues that are associated with the decay and corrosion of timber cladding , providing long term solutions and decorative facades and interior finishes.

    GRP Brackets
    GRP Brackets

    GRP brackets are manufactured with the help of quality approved material. The offered brackets are used to install in various buildings.

  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

    Our GRP products are made from the finest materials to ensure a quality Product and customer satisfaction. During the lifetime installation of the product, we address all our customer’s needs with promptness. “Once a customer, you are a customer for life”.

    GRP Lining Surface Coating

    In order to ensure good wetting good ad- hesion of the coating should be primed with a resin mixed. This is usually applied with lamb-skin rollers. This coat of primer should seal all the pores, but not be more than 0.2 - 0.3mm thick.
    After the primer has galled, layers of chopped strand mat are applied by the hand lay-up method followed by resin with roller applications. Each layer air bubbles are expelled by using a steel roller in a process that meets to the con- sultant and client’s requirements.

  • Speed House Group GRP ISO 9001 Certificate
    Speed House Group GRP ISO 18001 Certificate
    Speed House Group GRP ISO 14001 Certificate
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